I'm a freckled, strawberry-blonde, blue eyed firecracker. I'm Greek and English. I have a huge heart and an open mind. I love helping people, gardening, reading, fishing, and anything earthy and fun. I love nature, the ocean, and beautiful things. I also love the weird and bizarre. I work hard for what I have, and love meeting new people. I believe in equality and am a happy go-lucky type of girl. My dream is to be a nurse with a white picket-fenced little house and my own little garden. I'm simplistic, and realistic. I am weird and quirky. I like the strange and unusual. The human body fascinates me. Im a nice person, if I get the same in return. Get to know me and I'll be a good friend. =]
He is so sexy!!!
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How do you determine who is right when they tell you something about yourself but others say something different? If you feel the way certain people say you look but feel also a bit like the second group say then how do you know what is right? 

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